Hands Free Dog Lead - Shock Absorbing Dog Running Lead with Adjustable Waist Belt

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Hands-free running leash – Jog with your dog without bumping into each other

We bet your dog loves running. However, holding a traditional leash while jogging or strolling might be super uncomfortable for you. To make your walks hassle-free, try this dog running lead.

From now on, you won’t be restrained by your hyper pup’s movements. Do what you like while walking your four-legged friend: hold your kids’ hands, go shopping or carry your bags. With Prosper Pets’ best dog lead for running, it is easier than ever before.

For most people, jogging with their little companions is exhaustive because energetic pets tend to pull their owners. Thus, you end up having backache and strains. The chances to get some fall-related injury are also pretty high. Luckily, it is never the case when you use Prosper Pets’ hands-free dog lead. Its extendable bungee lessens the effects of jerks and sudden turns, minimising the risk of being hurt.

Your must-have dog running lead to enjoy the highest level of safety and comfort

This leash will be your #1 choice since it provides your dog with enough space for running. Its length is 54" and 68" when extended. That allows your fluffy companion to run next to you comfortably. Besides, the leash features an adjustable belt that is long enough to go round any of your clothes.

Safe walking at night is another reason why you should go for our hands-free dog lead for running. Your little friend doesn’t care about time. Once it is about to have some fun in the backyard, darkness won’t get in its way. However, reflective stitching will make your walks free from danger. The leash is perfectly visible even when the sun goes down or when it only starts rising.

Order this lead and make the best of running with your fun-loving buddy!

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