Dog Treat Pouch with Poop Bag Dispenser Built in - Adjustable Waist Belt 23-60"

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Get an all-in-one dog treat pouch for your better walking or training experience

Prosper Pets is happy to introduce a perfect solution for those who adore idle moments with their puppies and want instant access to all the essentials. Our multi-purpose dog training treat pouch is a boon to you if you endlessly look for yummies in your bag to reward your furry buddy. With our equipment, you can pay more attention to your pup’s achievements without wasting your time.

This drawstring dog training treat bag has many uses. You can wear it cross-body, attach it around your waist or let it hang on your shoulder. Besides, it comes with 2 zipped units and mesh netting, which provides enough space for your pup’s dry food, a tennis ball and your smartphone. You can also use a carabiner clip to hook your keys. Either way, you will no longer need to leave your essentials at home when jogging, travelling or hiking with your little companion!

Meet the pinnacle of versatility with our dog treat pouch for a leash

This pouch will become your top choice for many reasons. One of them is that it’s made to last. Be sure that it is lightweight and will perfectly sit on your shoulder or waist for years, keeping your personal belongings undamaged.

Plus, it saves you the bother of carrying an additional set of trash bags when being out for a walk with your pup. We have already taken care of everything for you. So, a roll of 20 plastic bags is included in every Prosper Pets’ dog treat pouch. From now on, you are always prepared for your little friend’s call of nature.

We’ve designed this accessory to cater to your needs and those of your four-legged buddy. The ultimate convenience of our dog treat bag is waiting for you, so take your pick!

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