Dual Handle Dog Lead - 6ft Long for Medium and Large Dogs - 2 Padded Comfort Handles

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Walk your four-legged friend safe with a double handle dog lead

Imagine this: you are walking with your pooch when some mad-as-a-hatter dog approaches you two and starts barking. That is when you want complete control over your buddy. A 2-handle dog lead from Prosper Pets will make it easy! You no longer need to reach for your pet’s collar or loop a leash around your wrist. Just switch to an extra handle and keep your bow-wow right by your side.

Add this product to your cart and enjoy the convenience of having two dog lead handles instead of one. You can use them to pull your pet closer to yourself when crossing the road, walking in busy areas or meeting other dogs. All you need to do is switch from a regular handle to a traffic one.

6-ft dual handle leash – The perfect match for massive and medium-sized dogs

As a dog owner, you will be nothing but impressed by this leash because it’s designed for your utmost comfort. Your full-of-life friend will appreciate it, too. Here is what you will love most about Prosper Pets’ leash with two handles:

  • Long service life. Even though it is lightweight, this leash is super-durable. Made from wear-resistant nylon, it can stand up to frequent pulling and more.
  • Reflective stitching. Our leash is designed with reflective materials all along its length. Make sure your dog is beyond danger when the sun goes down.
  • Reasonable price. Double handle dog leads may cost up to £30 at other stores. With us, however, you will never be charged that much.

This leash is a perfect opportunity to give your dog some freedom and keep an eye on it at the same time. Don’t be on the fence and grab it for your happy pooch.

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